The Parish News is once again being printed and distributed to subscribers and the cost is only £8 for a full year. If you would like to have a copy delivered to you each month please contact Lesley Burt on 01929 400488. If you would prefer to receive it as a PDF attachment to an email this can be arranged for the same cost, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. giving your name and address. You will then receive an invoice and be invited to pay your subscription by BACS.

The Parish News keeps the communities of East and West Lulworth, Winfrith and Chaldon in touch with all that is going on in our villages and surrounding areas. This includes news from our churches, our many and varied clubs and societies and information about village events. The Parish News also publishes fascinating articles covering farming, wildlife, book reviews, history and much more. The advertisements support local businesses and provide our readers with easily accessible information about essential services and tradesmen.

An archive of old editions will be maintained on this website a month after publication.

 This website contains lots of information about the church, it's history and the graveyard.  If you have anything suggestions or information or images that would be useful in a historical context please contact the Church Warden.
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